How can a Virtual Assistant change your business?

How can a Virtual Assistant change your business?

Regardless of the type or size of the business you operate, one thing is obvious: positive interactions with your customers and collaborators are essential for a proficient performance. In order to establish some kind of connection with your audience and your partners you have to use one tool – communication.

 The most important factor that facilitates and encourages communication is availability, making sure that your business calls are always answered, emails receive a reply and traditional mail is taken care of. All of that executed in a prompt, polite and professional way. Ignoring your phone calls or messages can mean losing potential clients or lucrative leads, that in the long term can cost you successful deals and unrealized profits.

Whether you are running your business with a small team, or even on your own, there is a big chance that these important tasks are overlooked. It can be incredibly challenging to focus on balancing so many important duties at once, and keeping an employee just for call/email answering is quite an expensive option. This is the case in which using the services of a Virtual Office come in handy, taking a great weight lifted off your shoulders by sharing the tasks on which you don’t have much expertise and concentrate on your core business functions. This way, you can guarantee constant availability to your costumers while focusing on important issues.

Providing professional telephone manner

Each of the encounters we have with our clients, whether they are happening in real life or virtually can impact their opinion and attitude towards the company. That’s why it’s unacceptable to let such factors as distraction or irritation ruin the relationship we’re working on. By using the services of a Virtual Assistant, you can be sure of the professionalism manifested in regards to your customers. Our skilled experts have many years of experience helping numerous small business owners to manage their business telephone calls.

Answering calls under your business name

Branding is everything in business, assuring a distinct identity that your customers can connect with. The image we project is crucial when we are trying to win or retain customers and deliver high quality services. A Virtual Receptionist reinforces your brand identity by answering your calls on a dedicated phone number, in a comprehensible way, using your own company name, giving the callers reassurance that they have reached the right place. Our staff is trained to provide an impeccable customer service and is prepared to answer to any questions the client can have concerning your business. This is possible because we make it a priority to get to know your business in order to support it and protect your company’s reputation.

Delivering messages to you in the most convenient way

In some specific cases, a superiors’ intervention is necessary and appropriate in the conversation. Usually this kind of solicitations come from business partners or potential investors, where a receptionists’ limits are surpassed. A Virtual Assistant can record and deliver the messages to you at a specific time, giving you the opportunity to focus on your tasks and not being disturbed during the day and have a designated time to check your messages. 

Reducing operating costs

Adding a new member to your team can be a costly decision that can be avoided for some of the positions required by your business. Virtual professionals don’t need a working place, special software and computers, telephone lines or internet, so you no longer have to pay for operational expenditures. In addition, your company can cut down on taxes and on employee benefits, by not providing vacation pays, paid holidays or sick leaves.

Now that you are familiar with the benefits you can get by using virtual secretarial assistance, you can make a decision whether the services provided by a Virtual Office are the right solution for your business, and let the professionals do their job. You can trust us with issues that can arise from company formation to certain management aspects of your business. 

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