Foreign investors in the Republic of Moldova can obtain a residence permit

Foreign investors in the Republic of Moldova can obtain a residence permit

If you are  foreign citizen, and you want to have a business in the Republic of Moldova and get a residence permit.

Here you can find the conditions for applying for a foreigner-suited right to stay for a period longer than 90 days.

The right of temporary residence is granted to foreign citizens who will carry out the following types of financial investments:

  - In the Sustainable Development Fund of the Republic of Moldova with investments of 100,000 Euros;

  - In the fields of strategic development with investments of 250,000 Euro.

The documents necessary for submitting the application for the residence permit are:

  1) application for the right of residence;

  2) a copy of the national passport of the foreign citizen;

  3) copy extracted from the state registry of the company founded;

  4) copies of the statistical forms "Investment (No.1)" and "Employee Mobility and Jobs", which confirm the investment or the opening of the jobs;

  5) original of the legal record of the country of origin, legalized / apostilled, translated into the state language and authenticated notary or consular;

  6) the original and the copy of the proof of the living space;

  7) copy of medical insurance;

  8) copy of the blood group certificate;

  9) a color photo, 3x4 size.

 Documents shall be filed at least 30 days before the expiration of the legal stay in the Republic of Moldova and shall be examined within 30 days.

The expand of the temporary residence permit can be done for the purpose of work for the persons holding the leading positions.

The period for which the right of residence will be granted will depend on the value of the investments or the number of jobs created by the Investor.

For example, if investments amounting to 60-200 monthly, average monthly salaries have been made, or at least 4 jobs have been created with an average monthly salary in the economy, the right of temporary residence for one within 2 years. If the value of the investment is higher, the term of the temporary residence permit may be up to 8 years if more than 50 jobs are created, with an average monthly salary in the economy.


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